Flashboard Risers 

A flash board riser, or weir box, is an overflow-type dam commonly used to control the water level in crop irrigation or ponds. Our flash board risers install easily on existing culverts or new installations and can be easily replaced if damaged. Each flash board riser is made with 12 gauge steel and is coated with rust proof primer and all weather Wild Grasses paint to allow for long wear. 

Our "no welding required" design forms a collar around your culvert and exerts a strong clamping force by its multiple take up points. This design also allows secure installations on "out of round" or odd size pipe. 

Our Flash Board Risers use standard 2x4" lumber for dam boards, readily available from any lumber company, or you can choose to have them included in your order at an additional cost.

dam boards

Our Models for Corrugated Steel Culverts 

12CFBR 24x24-24x72 fits a 12" Culvert  
15CFBR 24x24-24x72 fits a 15" Culvert
18CFBR 24x24-24x72 fits an 18" Culvert
24CFBR 30x30-30x72 fits a 24" Culvert
30CFBR 36x36-36x72 fits a 30" Culvert
36CFBR 42x60-42x72 fits a 36" Culvert
42CFBR 48x60 fits a 42" Culvert
48CFBR 54x60-54x96 fits a 48" Culvert

Our Models for Plastic Corrugated Culverts 

Plastic dual wall polyethylene drainage pipe with a smooth interior wall and corrugated exterior wall

If you don't see your size pipe call us for availability and pricing! 


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Our Beaver guard is an optional attachment that can be easily installed in just minutes on any of our Flash Board Risers or Screw Gates. It is particularly designed to keep out pesky beavers who try to clog up your culverts! The Beaver Guard also offers protection from natures own obstacles, such as trash that may also clog up your culverts causing the water flow to be restricted. Please keep in mind that the Beaver Guards are 
size specific
Make sure to tell us the size of the Flash board Riser you are ordering.